Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tax Professional Websites That Can Help You-Páginas de internet que le pueden ayudar

Tax Professional Websites That Can Help You

By Tom Copeland. Posted with his permission.
Graphic of man doing taxesI'm always searching on the Internet for tax and business resources that can help family child care providers.

Here are several tax preparer websites that offer articles and resources that can help you reduce your taxes.

Family Child Care Taxes - Alison Jacks is a tax professional in California. She has the most comprehensive website on family child care tax issues that I've seen. There are dozens of articles on record keeping, depreciation, business deductions, and more. She also has information on hiring employees in California.

Books by Kelly - Kelly Nokleby is an Enrolled Agent in Granite Falls, Minnesota. Her company website contains a detailed description of business deductions by expense category.

Daycare Tax Experts - Robert Groth is a tax preparer in Madison, Wisconsin. His website contains six short videos on family child care tax issues.

Pride Tax Preparation - Bill Porter is a tax professional in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. His website contains several useful worksheets, including a spreadsheet to track the hours you work

Slotaxpro - Valoree Higgens is an Enrolled Agent in Atascadero, California. Her website contains a number of articles on family child care tax issues, particularly on the Time-Space Percentage.

Note: I am not recommending that you use any of the tax preparers listed above. I am only listing them because of the helpful content on their website.
Let me know about other websites run by tax professionals that contain articles and resources that are useful to family child care providers.

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